11x Lockdown in het buitenland
Is a documentary about 11 Dutch women living abroad during the lockdown. We follow them for 2 months through self made videos in their journey of this sudden changed world. 

Trailer 11x lockdown in het buitenland from Barbara van Rijn on Vimeo.

Up and coming
I am currently working on a documentary about the long term impact of lockdowns and corona all over the world. Through several personal stories we live through this journey with people from all kinds of backgrounds and special struggles connected to corona. 
You want to know more about the progress? Send an email to 

The Cure

Was a project of 7 years where I followed a doctor in Ghana who says he found the cure fro HIV/Aids. 5 patients struggle through life in this documentary where a doctor promises them the ultimate; the Cure. 

The documentary can be shared upon request. Please send an email to